Illiana Pullers Association News Page.

General Rules 2019 Update.
If there is a rain out and the pull is rescheduled it will count as a points pull on the rescheduled date of the pull. If the pull is not rescheduled those competitors that have signed up will receive 15 points.

Illiana Pullers 2018 Top 5
Farm Stock N/A Pro Stock Trucks
1st Charlie Myerscough 1st Will Cresap 1st Brad Chamberlain
2nd Tom Petersak 2nd Mike Spesard 2nd Thomas Pulling Team (Legion)
3rd Jason Kirby 3rd Carl Warfel 3rd Thomas Pulling Team (Blue's Back)
4th Jenny's Worst Nightmare 4th Brian Diskin 4th Greg Samet
5th Alan Edwards 5th Shane Diskin 5th Aaron Taylor
Alt. Stock Outlaw Pro Farm
1st Jerry Martin 1st Ron Cowman 1st Bill Warfel
2nd Mike Ingram 2nd Bill Points 2nd Dean Eisemann
3rd Denver McMurtry 3rd Bill Miller 3rd Jason Frerichs
4th Justin Muchow 4th Bill Warmoth 4th Darin Doehring
5th Dirk Nail 5th John Keebler 5th Curt Goeckner
Old Skool Mini Rods  
1st Derk Casteel 1st Donnie Jasper  
2nd Jerry Bolson 2nd Zach Jasper  
3rd Berle Casteel 3rd Jay Buston  
4th Scott Boehler 4th Perry Buston  
5th Lynn Johnson 5th Tim Stucky