Top 5 Results 2019


1st Shane Diskin 

2nd Dick Neef 

3rd Rich Eisenmann 

4th Brian Diskin 

5th Doug Roberts 

Farm Stock 

1st Heidrick Pulling Team (Jenny’s Nightmare) 

2nd Heidrick Pulling Team (Jenny’s Worst Nightmare) 

3rd Tom Petersak 

4th Charlie Myerscough 

5th Jerry Cardinal 

Alt. Stock Trucks 

1st Justin Muchow 

2nd Jim Coddington 

3rd Dirk Nail 

4th Jerry Martin 

5th Jase Popel 

Pro Farm 

1st Dean Eisenmann 

2nd Darin Doehring 

3rd Jason Frerichs 

4th Curt Goeckner 

5th Scott Hoene 


1st Richard Crone 

2nd Noah Campbell 

3rd Ehren Lohrmann 

3rd Bill Miller 

5th Dan Reeder 

Old Skool 

1st Jerry Bolson 

2nd Derk Casteel 

3rd Jesse Black 

4th Berle Casteel 

5th Scott Boehler 

Pro Stock Trucks 

1st Thomas Pulling Team (Blue’s Back) 

2nd Brad Chamberlain 

3rd Thomas Pulling Team (Rickochet) 

4th Devin Wright 

5th Thomas Pulling Team (Legion) 

Mini Rods 

1st Butson Brothers Pulling Team (American Ethanol) (Stacy and Jay) 

2nd Cornfield Cruiser (Mitchell Phipps) 

3rd Butson Brothers Pulling Team (E15) (Stacy and Jay) 

4th Russell Phipps 

5th Perry Butson 

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